Project / Re-branding, Ebook, Website Design, Social Media, Iconography, Packaging label, Infographic Design

Company / Ikigai Coffee / Specialty Coffee Concept Development & coffee trade innovators. Experts in coffee roasting.

Specialty Coffee expert Jeroen Brugman is a small company that has big impact on the industry. We helped him sharing his vision with his community and selling his coffee to keep on improving the fast pace industry. We created the – SLOW DOWN COFFEE – campaign. No more rush, experience the taste of specialty coffee with the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai principles. We redesigned the webshop, created an ebook, email funnel, packaging label and set of icons for the different coffee blends to make an extinction between regular coffee and specialty coffee expert in a coffee jungle world.

Web Design Project / Re-branding, Ebook, Website Design, Social Media etc

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