Company / Qualified Collective - Engineering collective with high quality experts in Yacht Interior and Metal

Creating a portfolio website for Qualified Collective, a company that handles privacy concerning information was our design challenge. We made a portfolio website without showing any visual work and design a team page without sharing the team details.

For the Dutch and Spanish based company the Mediterranean Sea became the inspiration for the webdesign. This look reflected the various and high-end clients. After research we came up with several ‘ready to implement’ concept designs, all inspired by different types of ocean. We gave each of the homepage visuals a feminine name like you do with yachts.

For the team page we came up with the creative concept to show hands of the collective. In reference to the customised and handmade service QC provide. These ideas became visual in the dark mode website as you can see below.

Project / Website Design, branding expansion, website implementation, portrait photography

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