Never have to work a day in your life

The value of time! What is it worth? How much time is your work worth, what am I worth?

When you love what you do, work simply does not feel you ‘have to go to work’. That does not mean we don’t like to work at all, on the contrary, I love it. Working hard and losing any track of time because you are in such a workflow and ideas pop up one after the other. Great feeling, isn’t it?!

For me the highlight after I spent hours working on a design concept and the moment is there to share the results with the client. That’s the when it all falls into place. When we present the client a summary of our design process and see their glow when their business idea comes to life in front of their eyes.

Making our environment so magnetically fun is important to us. Because then we get to expand our happiness and wealth all in once.

At studio Vedeyo we work closely with a selection of talented creatives within their own expertise. Such as, content creatures, wise web builders, marketing maniacs, inspiring Illustrators and photogenic photographers.

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